Monday, March 11, 2013

Wonderful Weekend!

We broke in the 2013 camping season this weekend.  It was wonderful!  Except it was too short.  We went with our friends Jennifer & Jamie and their 2 girls.  Lindsay, Nick and Rylee were also down there.  They had friends that came and spent the weekend with them.  I know that this is the BEST trip our girls have ever had.  They played sun up ~ sun down.  Bella & Rylee usually always camp together, but with Layla (7) and Alaina (4), they had a BLAST!  Layla was such a big helper.  We loved hanging out with Jennifer and Jamie.  We have a lot in common and always have a good time.  I hope this is the 1st of many trips that we take together!  I imagine our girls will be friends that grow up together.
Jamie was the cook this trip!  It was all great!  Next time, we've already declared that it was on us.  I need to brush up on my non-existence cooking skills.  Friday night Jennifer and I prepared for the Dirty Girl Run the next morning by putting our team name on our shirt.  We were the Scootin' Hooties.  One of our friends is getting married this weekend and it was an all girls race.  So, one of our friends came up with the idea to let her be the bride and all of us her grooms.  So we all wore button up shirts, ties, boxers and had mustaches.  

Jennifer made our iron-on logo.  Mean we look intimidating? 
This was our "wedding jump"'ve seen know what I mean.  
This is our dirty-post-race picture.
While changing in the parking lot, we left a little souvenir. 
 We had fun, but Jennifer and I were ready to get back to the lake.  We changed, hopped in the truck, stopped for s'mores supplies and Jamie some cooking stuff and we raced to get back to the lake to find our sweet girls having even more fun together.  

Living the good life!

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Agh the kids are so cute and how much fun does that Dirty run look:)

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