Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a whirl wind kinda week

Last week was a wonderful, wild, whirl-wind blur.

At work we were a very busy, short staffed pediatric clinic, Monday-Wednesday.  After seeing record number of patients and surviving to tell about it handling it well, we patted ourselves on the back.  I was excited about my long 4 day weekend...except for the fact that I tested positive for strep throat!  After an antibiotic shot, I was praying to get well in lightening speed...I had WAY TOO MUCH planned for me to be sick!

How about after almost a year of having my store on Etsy, I finally got my 1st order!! I kinda giggled at the fact that all the while I have some friends that have been very successful with an Etsy shop as a "side job". I thought well I'll take a spin at it. It was the biggest flop I've ever attempted. It's ok. Live & learn, right? At 1st I thought it was a joke.  That one of my friends or family members felt sorry for me and placed an order.  But it was FOR REAL.  An actual order!  So I excitedly got that one done then I got ANOTHER, and ANOTHER!  A total of 3 in one week.  Any one else feeling sorry for me???  Come on I have some adorable pillow covers available! 

I woke up with my throat all better, no fever...just overall yucky feeling. HOWEVER, my poor niece didn't feel good at all!  After a + strep test & an antibiotic shot, she went home to spend Thanksgiving in her jammies in her mommy's lap.  I got ready and headed to Thanksgiving dinner #1.  We had fun with family and the food was DELICIOUS!! 
Thursday night, my mama, sisters and I went shopping.  I'm against "Black Friday" starting on Thanksgiving Day, simply because regardless if you want to participate in the shopping...I know how it feels to be stuck at work on a holiday when you want nothing more that to be home with your family.  With that being said, I was a hypocrite and went on our traditional shopping trip with mama and my sisters. 
 I like it because I can tackle so much of my shopping at one time, while getting the deals, while having so much fun with them.  We hit up Walmart, Target, Kohls, Bath & Body Works, and Ulta where~ at midnight when I dropped the bottle of fingernail polish sending OPI gold sparkles everywhere, I knew my sick tail was D-O-N-E!  I was so exhausted...how about I went home and at 2:30am, still wide awake.  Go figure.  

I felt bad.  Tired, out of it.  But I had fun things to do on this off day with my family!  SO...we stayed in our PJs & decorated.  The girls loved helping.
 Each ornament on our christmas tree has a meaning or story behind it. So it was fun explaining all of our sparkly ornaments to our girls. Our outside has NO decorations.  Obviously last year I got pissed that all of our nice garland had nothing but blown light bulbs, so I threw them all away.  Might should've saved some.  Because Walmart, Big Lots, Dollar General nor Home Depot had what I was looking for! So other than the wreath, the outside of my house will be neglected of holiday cheer this year.  If I had had more energy and money, that day I would've gone shopping to some local stores in town, but I. WAS. WHOOPED!

was G*A*M*E*D*A*Y!  If you live in the southeast, I'd bet 80% were tuned into CBS that afternoon, if you weren't then you missed on heck of a good football game.   Even though I was disappointed that Alabama lost, it was an intense, on-the-edge-of-my-seat game that I enjoyed.  When Auburn returned that field goal attempt with 1 second left for a winning touchdown, I sat with my mouth wide open in shock for a good 10 minutes.  Shocked!  Wait?!?!  Did that really just happened??  

 After my hubby was nice enough to let me sleep until 9am the past 2 mornings, I finally felt better with some much needed rest.  Thanksgiving dinner #2. After we ate, we headed out to Mamaw's front yard for playing and making some memories. 
I love Rylee's face in this one...you think she was a little upset about some thing??
I love the little photographers and how they were ready!
I love my Mamaw!!
Wonder where our kids were while we were all outside posing???
cousin love!
Sunday evening I spent a couple hours shopping, alone.  The quiet, leisurely time was so nice!  Then I met up with some of my old co-workers from St Vincents for dinner.  We had so much fun reconnecting.  Man do I miss them!
Then I came home and CRASHED.  Wonderful memories were made last week.  I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to be surrounded by my family and friends!

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