Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, 4 year old Bella

Dear Bella, 
Today you are FOUR!  Remembering where we were 4 years ago makes me think it was yesterday.  But so many memories have been made between now and the moment that you made me a mommy. Your sweet spirit is magical.  You are kind. You are friendly. You are funny. I love your made up words: "Stank you" (thank you), "lasterday" (yesterday or any day in the past), "tomorning" (tomorrow morning or any morning in the future).  You are smart.  You are learning so much.  So far you can spell many words-your name, one, two, three, four, five, six.  You love your sissy and enjoy bossing her around.  Your hair is so long.  So far you've only had one real haircut, other than the 2 times you cut your hair yourself when we weren't looking.   When I ask if you want to get it cut, you quickly tell me "no, that you want it like Rapunzel".  Your favorite is when I french braid it.  You are a girly-girl, loving anything that relates to princesses, pink or sparkles.  However, you love to run and play hard and don't much mind getting dirty.  You love playing in the rain.  There are many, many moments when I am busy with life's busy chores, you do some thing, say some thing or just give me that perfect smile that makes me stop, fall in love with your more and say a silent prayer, praising God that He allowed me to be your mommy.  I think you are breathtakingly beautiful. 

I put you to bed most nights, I usually read you a book. Sometimes we pray.  When it's your turn to pray, I hold back the giggle when you pray for each family member by name and then throw in Dora & ask God for a new barbie. Sometimes you want me to rock you, so I sit on the end of the bed, rocking back and forth singing to you.  Usually we sing Amazing Grace.  You know 4 verses and can sing it all by yourself.  It absolutely melts my heart to hear you.  

You love being my helper.  You eagerly help me clean up (sometimes).  You love helping me cook.  You can pretty much prepare muffins all by yourself. When we do chicken & dumplings together it's fun & messy.  Even though you love junk food, you also enjoy most vegetables and usually drink water, milk or orange juice. 

Thank you for being YOU.  I hope you always know that you are wonderful just the way you are.  I hope you never allow the world to conform you into someone you are not.  I promise, I'll love you until my last breath, then I'll love you and watch over you in heaven.  I'm begging God for a long, long, long, happy life together.  I hope you enjoy your princess birthday party today.  You  will always be mine and your daddy's princess.

I love you, my beautiful Bella,

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