Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seeing Santa!

We make seeing Santa a girly occasion.  Because men and waiting patiently in lines are 2 things that never go well together.  So we took our annual trip to the Bass Pro Shop North Pole.  

I said "Say cheesseeee."  This is what my girls do.  But check out Rylee!
Bella loved the Jolly old man.
Lucy...well, she sat on his knee.  She barely moved, but she sat there!
Rylee made sure to tell him what she wanted! 
This is the one and ONLY picture of me and my girls on this Christmas outing
After all the North Pole fun, we met our daddy where he was nice enough to buy all 6 ladies in his life dinner at Mt Fugi!  They sang Happy Birthday to Bella.  It was awesome, I tell ya.  Those eyes lit up!
Lulu was snapping the picture of us.  Our daddy is SO out-numbered.

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