Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas morning...a little early

Remember being a kid on Christmas morning?  Wasn't it THE BEST!!!  Family, gifts, comfie PJs, Christmas music/movies, the best breakfast of the year: breakfast casserole and monkey bread.

The Christmas mornings after I was married, but before kids, I remember being so disappointed on Christmas morning.   The magic wasn't there.  Jacob gets so excited when he gets me a gift, so he usually gives me my gift as soon as he gets it.  He's an eager giver.  Once we had kids, I am trying my best to recreate the magic of Christmas morning that I loved so much growing up.   Jacob and I made the decision that once we had kids that Christmas Day would be celebrated at our house.  The kids could stay in their PJs all day and play with their new toys.  Any of our family could come over and hang out, but it would be relaxed and comfortable.  So the past 3 years, we have done just that.  However I miss spending Christmas Day with my sisters & Rylee, she too wanted to let Rylee spend Christmas morning the same way.

This year we found a solution.  We recreated Christmas morning at "home" the weekend before Christmas. On Friday night, my sisters, my girls, and niece spent the night at mama & daddy's house. The guys came over 8:30-9 that morning.  We opened gifts, making that glorious, magic, mess in the living room floor.  Watching the girls light up.  Then we enjoyed breakfast casserole & monkey bread as we all talked & laughed.  It was as close to perfect as you can get!  I hope that we continue to recreate Christmas morning.
The 3 dark green stockings are ones that mama hand made us 20+ years ago.  They are made of felt and each are different. Out of all the adorable stockings sold in stores, I think mine is pretty perfect because it was made out of love by my mama.  
Snuggles with my Bell
Us adults were tired & ready for bed as the kids were wide awake at 10:00pm
cute Jacob.....REAL cute.
Cool aunt KK got them this huge doll house to play when they go to Mimi & Pops
Lovely Lucy

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