Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Fancy and Vintage Halloween 2013

This year Bella and Lucy are princesses for Halloween.  At ages 3 and (almost) 2, our girls love getting all dressed up.  When I put rollers in their hair and eye shadow and lip stick on...they both turned into royalty. 

In 2011, Bella was an adorable fishy.  And I had a balloon that popped 3 days later.

 While Jacob took the girls to a Halloween Party Friday night, I went to a surprise 30th birthday dinner for Brynn.  Don't I have the prettiest friends!?!?
Me, Brynn and Darby

Saturday night we went to a (grown-ups only) Halloween party.  Several of us dressed in 1940s-1950s vintage flare.  It was so much fun to see everyone's costumes. Once the group was all together it was a little nostalgic feeling.  I'm a little bummed that all we had was cell phone pictures.  All these fancy outfits deserved a real camera.  
We had lots & lots of fun!

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