Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall 2013 mini-session....my favorite

On a beautiful fall day, we had a mini-session planned with our old friend and photographer, Kamin Williams at the Blue Springs Manor. When we got there we were surrounded by natural beauty.  The girls were in a great mood and I knew this was going to be a fun time and amazing photos.  After looking at these earlier today, I've decided that these are my very favorite mini-session photos!!!  (THESE were a close 2nd)
Probably my favorite...well, ok I have several favorites, but this is one of my very favorites!
Beautiful Bella
age 3
Lovely Lucy
my silly girls
Love...sweet love!
In this family, we know how to give REAL HUGS!

Thanks Kamin for another awesome set of photos!  
Fall 2011....Bella-23 months, just a few days before delivering Lucy
Summer 2012...Bella-2, Rylee-2, Lucy-6 months.  I love these photos of all 3 girls.
Summer 2013...Bella-3, Lucy-1

I treasure these.  Our girls are growing faster than the speed of light and with each busy day I forget to stop and appreciate their cuteness.  Taking family photos regularly, it burns into my memory these sweet, oh so sweet moments of my life.  
I am ever so grateful

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Unknown said...

I loved them all! Even the silly ones, I had to put them in there! So glad you love them too. Thanks for letting me be a very small part of your family a few times a year, I'm honored!

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