Monday, November 18, 2013

Tennessee Vacation with great friends...Fall 2013

Jacob and I went to Gatlinburg, TN on our 1 year anniversary.  While we loved our cute cabin, we were didn't have the best time and decided to spend our vacations else where.  Some good friends invited us to spend a long weekend with them in the mountains, we excitingly agreed.  We figured out that we did our anniversary trip all wrong.  The Kissics showed us how to have a great time.  We hit up the outlets for some great deals, strolled downtown Gatlinburg, filled our bellies and enjoyed a little football. We stayed at Wilderness at the Smokies resort and had an amazing time there.  They have an indoor water park that was so much fun!!! I hope we have many more trips like this one.  Wonderful memories made!
Jacob was so excited to get Bella on the ride...we did have to teach her to stand on her tip toes if asked to stand next to the measuring tape and we had to wait until the more lenient life guards were on those rides.... 
But she LOVED IT!!!
Jen was super scared of the huge drop on this ride.  I belly laughed so hard the entire time.  
She's adorable.  He's hot.  I'm so happy they are all mine!

This was hilarious.  Mr Moose and Mrs Moose, all 4 of our girls and a red-faced Jacob right in the middle.
These sweet girls just played and played and played.
sleeping beauty

We took a stroll in Gatlinburg until the rain ran us off.
Dinner at the Old Mill was great.
The guys checked out Old Smoky Moonshine while us girls danced to the banjo and drank free hot chocolate.

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