Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Beach Trip 2013

This year we had to settle for a short fall beach trip. Better than nothing at all!!  Jacob & I worked Thursday. We threw what we might need for the next few days in the camper, put PJs on the girls, hooked up & hit the road at sunset. 

An hour into the trip I realize that in the rush of loading the camper I forget ALL of mine & Jacob's hang-up clothes. Basically all of our shirts & pants.  I was so very frustrated and mad at myself. 

Around 9pm, we stopped & filled up on Krystal's chiks. 

30 minutes later Lucy VOMITS in the truck. No I'm not joking.....I'm not even cracking a smile when I tell you this. Poor baby. What do we do? Scrap it off her, roll the windows down & put the pedal to the metal. I held her little hand & thought how can we be so lucky to have TWO carsick children?!?  This was Lucy's 1st time randomly vomiting in the car. Bella has done it several times in the past unfortunately. But doesn't vomit with each long trip. Just randomly. Like a roll of the dice. 

We arrived around midnight. Set up, put the girls to bed, then finished setting up, showered & crawled into bed a little after 2am. 
Friday- I got in a 5 mile run at the campground since I knew I would be pigging out the whole weekend. {And boy did I} Since I was wearing the same t-shirt that I wore the day before, Lulu (my sis) & I headed to the Outlets in Foley for a little shopping. No kids. Just me & Lulu. It felt quite free. I didn't even carry my purse. Debit card in one pocket, phone in the other. While we were shopping Jacob took the girls to the pool & splash pad at the campground.
We hung out that afternoon & ate at the Tin Top Restaurant that night. It was located on the outskirts of Gulf Shores. It is more of a locals restaurant. As soon as we parked, I was smitten by the big, mature trees with moss dangling from them. There was a tiny church tucked amongst the trees, with a cute little restaurant next to it.
My crab cakes were delicious!  That night Jacob, Bella, Lucy and I went crab catching. 3 year old Bella caught those tiny crabs like it was no big deal. I'll admit it....I'm a wuss.
Saturday-That morning we spent a few hours at the beach...
Lucy~23 months old.                Bella~3 years old
Me with my Mr Sexy
They were wore slap out!
Then while Bella & Lucy took a nap with the grandparents, Jacob & I went to the Shrimp Festival. Now I was raised going to the festival almost every year because my uncle & grandparents each are artists & always had booths there. Over the years we had all but memorized most of what the vendors have to offer.  So this year Jacob & I weren't interested in spending the entire day walking around. But we still wanted to experience the Shrimp Festival. We walked around a little, shared a ridiculously expensive plate of lunch on the board walk, picked up some shirts for our family and left.

We spent the rest of the evening at the campground, eating & watching football. Then we went on another late night crab catching excursion. That night when putting Bella to bed I noticed she had a fever. By morning she felt fine. Thankfully. 
Sunday-We took our time cleaning the camper & loading up. We enjoyed lunch at Lulu's restaurant. Then headed home. 
The sweet story behind this photo: while at dinner, Bella asked me to take a picture of her and her daddy.  I said sure.  She scooted right up close to him and gave this huge, sweet grin.  Then she wanted then phone to take a picture of me and Lucy.  I guess in her little (3 year old) mind, she saw a sweet moment and wanted it documented.  Thanks Bell!

We didn't fit everything we wanted to do in our short trip. But we had a great time!

Click here to see Shrimp Festival 2011, when I was HUGE and pregnant with Lucy Lee.  

I really wanted to get some sunset pictures like we did in 2011, but it just didn't happen.  It's crazy to think that Lucy is now the age Bella was in these pictures!

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