Sunday, September 29, 2013

Much needed family quality time

My oh my.  I have spent some really good, quality time with my precious little girls this weekend and I have enjoyed them so.  Falling more & more in love with them every passing day.

Friday I got off at 12:00, Jacob had been home with them all day.  When I got home Bella and I made blueberry muffins with sprinkles.  Then we went to a local high-school homecoming parade and then to Blue Bell for a scoop of ice cream.
When we got home we found Tangled on Disney Jr.  Bella quietly disappeared...then about 5 minutes later, Rapunzel herself appeared in our living room!
The last weekend in September has always been a Family Reunion weekend for us.  Part of Jacob's family get together the last Saturday in September and part of my family the last Sunday in September.

Beautiful Bella- 3 years old
Lovely Lucy- 22 months old
The fun thing about this reunion is that it is in a tiny little town of Opp, Alabama.  About 3 hours from our house.  So it's more of a road trip for me and my sisters.  We were at the reunion for about 2 hours...but in the car for a good 6 hours.  It was fun, lots of giggles, talking, birthday party planning {just a couple months away...I'm so excited}.  
Cousin love!
I love these girls SO MUCH!
I'm not sure what Rylee (aka Little Diva) was so upset about.  Thankfully whatever it was didn't last too long!

These 2 of Lucy's face are too good not to share...

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