Saturday, October 26, 2013

I couldn't stop the tears from flowing

My Papaw was a tinker-er, a pittler.  always busy.  He had a frame shop in his basement.  Mamaw painted, he framed.  He loved a nice looking yard and didn't mind cutting it twice a week.  The only time he sat still for long was when Auburn was playing football or a golf match was on.

His heart gave up on him 6 years ago & he went to be with the Lord.  I miss him like crazy and think of him often.  Miss him and his hugs {around my neck and a bushel and a peck}.  So many of my childhood memories have him in them.

Mamaw had a tree cut out from in front of her yard.  She has some decorative stones that she wanted out of her yard.  Daddy wants them to build a fire pit in his back yard.  I met him this morning to help load the bricks.  While looking for one of Papaw's shovels, I wondered into a corner of his garage that he created in the latter part of his life.  As he got older and weaker, he created this tiny room in his garage to tinker in.  I pulled the string hanging from the fluorescent light that he hung, stood in the middle of that tiny area and felt his presence.  I huge lump welled up in the back of my throat and I couldn't stop the tears from flowing.  I breathed in slowly and deeply as I imagined him sitting out there with me.  I noticed a single photo hanging...
that little girl is me.

Mamaw caught me.  She saw my tears, felt my sorrow and she couldn't stop her tears from flowing.  She misses him so.  She stated how wonderful of a husband he was and how blessed she is to have such a wonderful family.  Her boys, her grandchildren, her great-grand children.  We talked about how some family members go to the cemetery for hours, how some might think of what he saying about us from heaven.  We talk of him often.  Today, he spoke back to me and reminded me how much he has always loved me.  Maybe he's sending a message, HANDLE WITH CARE...

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Chris Ruthven said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful, tender moment. You were sent a special gift from heaven today, he sent you a sign of his everlasting love for you!

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