Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kicking off a wonderful & busy Fall season...

With our beach trip last weekend, and the Alabama weather finally cooling off this is the 1st week that has truly felt like Fall and we took advantage of it.  Since my job change last December, I have more time in the mornings.  I used to leave my house at 5:30 with very tired, cranky girls.  Now I leave home around 7:20 with more rested happy girls. We have gotten into a little routine of snapping a few pictures some mornings.
I said "Show me your cute Halloween shirts".  This is what they did.

Big sis teaching Little sis how to put her hands on her hips.
We have such a jammed packed Fall season planned.  I'm so excited about it all and hope that I make time to write about all our memories.  Our girls are at such a fun age (almost 2 and almost 4), we want to offer them all the fun things available for them.

Any time I don't have to wake up on the weekends by an alarm clock and I can actually kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee in my comfies, makes me a very happy mommy!  That's exactly what I did Saturday morning.

 Then I got on up and ran 3 miles (sad to say it was the one and only time this week).  I came back took my time getting ready and doing weekly chores.  Then we met Kamin at the beautiful Blue Spring Manor Bed & Breakfast for family photos. The grounds are beautiful and the girls were in a great mood, I have a feeling that'll be the best $60 I've spent in a while! Can't wait to see them. Then we headed to Academy and Hobby Lobby-got some supplies for Lucy's birthday party coming up!!!  Check out these adorable invitations I ordered from Little Laws Prints.  They turned out just how I had imagined them.  She was very easy to work with and satisfied each of my requests and got them to me in a very timely manner!

We came home for a quick rest.

Saturday afternoon we went to Bobo & Cassi's house for their gender reveal!!  IT'S A BOY!  For our side of the family, it's the 1st boy!  I'm going to have a nephew, I'm so excited!

We spent the rest of the day watching some great college football games, cranked up loud with the windows open.  I love FOOTBALL SEASON!

This morning we woke up to more cool weather.  Jacob and Bella made chili and I helped Bella and Lucy make pumpkin muffins (regular muffins with orange food coloring).

This afternoon...we are headed to pumpkin patch at Old Baker Farm!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I'm going to get a bowl of chili!

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