Tuesday, July 9, 2013

our wet 4th

July 4th is one of my very favorite holidays!  We always spend it camping at the lake with our family and friends, riding the boat, swimming, eating lots of delicious food and watching a terrific fireworks show on the boat and enjoying a nice, quiet hour long starlit boat ride back to our camper...this year NONE of those things happened...(well except for the eating good part.  That'll happen, rain or shine!)  This year it RAINED every single day. It was the 1st time in 11 years that we missed the fireworks. With Caitlin in the hospital, the weather doing exactly what it shouldn't be doing and after I made a stupid mistake, making Jacob very mad at me...we left the lake 2 days early.  

These are the only pictures to share from our wet vacation.

Huddle House breakfast one morning
Once we were home, we stayed in our comfies pretty much the whole last 3 days.  Lounging around,  playing, reading and blogging.
For a sunnier version....here's last year July 4th Vacation: 
 Part 1  Part 2

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