Monday, July 8, 2013

Caitlin & her lung blowout

My baby sister has had a long, very hard week.  This is her 9th day in the hospital...6th day in ICU.  My 20 year old, healthy sister had a spontaneous pneumothorax.  For none medical people, that is a collapsed lung.  It can happen spontaneously in thin people without warning, usually occurring at rest.  It is where there is a hole or tear in the lung allowing air to escape out, causing the lung to collapse.  She noticed chest pain and shortness of breath 10 days ago, she waited a full 24 hours before going to the Emergency Department.  Her right lung was almost completely deflated.  They placed a chest tube, to allow the air to escape.  Over the course of the following days, she developed pneumonia since it was difficult to take deep breaths and in quite a bit of pain.  She has weathered a surgery and a staph infection.  She is unable to sleep lying flat, so she sleeps in short boughs sitting up with her head falling forward.  I've spent the night with her twice, to give our mama a break and a good nights rest, who has been by her side day & night.  Both nights that I stayed with her, we didn't rest much.  My heart would break for her knowing she was so uncomfortable and her body was taking one hit after another. Being a nurse there has been many times that I have been VERY nervous, knowing the life threatening condition she has been in. She is a trooper...walking when it was time, doing her breathing exercises and being stuck in an ICU unit during what was supposed to be our family's July 4th vacation.  
Caitlin and a very pale Lindsay who almost passed out during a dressing change.
Looking better & better!
My sisters and I are very close.  My whole life I wanted a house full of girls, to be able to share the same unique bond that I share with my sisters.  My heart has been so heavy with worry for Caitlin's health.  The good news is that her body is healing.  The holes in her lung are closing and the pneumonia & staph infection is clearing.  We are hopeful that she will be able to go home in the next couple days.  Please continue to pray for my sweet sister, Caitlin, as she has a long road of recovery ahead of her to regain her strength and endurance.  Also pray that this doesn't happen again.  

Our mama had planned a girls night out months ago.  She surprised us 3 girls and herself with Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line & Thompson Square concert tickets.  We have been so very excited about this!  The 4 of us girls do things together often, but never a big concert.  The concert is in 3 days.  I hope so badly that Caitlin is well enough to go.  It won't be the same if she isn't there with us!  But we will follow the doctors orders and go on how she feels.  
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as this has been a scary and rough medical roller coaster, for a perfectly healthy 20 year old and our family.

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