Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Summer Vacation!

Last day of vacation.
RV completely cleaned out.
7 loads of laundry cleaned and everything put in it's home.
Bills paid.
Trash can at the road for tomorrow's pick up.
Kitchen sink empty.
Everyone showered and in bed.
566 photos from vacation condensed down to 263.
Finally, I get to sit down and share my wonderful week with you.

Like many years before, we went camping with our friends and family during the week of July 4th.  There were 10 campers of us there, to be exact, filled with family and friends.  You want to know what we did the week we were there?  We swam, rode on the boat, ate LOTS of grilled yumminess and ice cream, we pulled little ones in wagons and watched beautiful fireworks.

Jacob and the girls went to the lake around lunch last Friday.  I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Thankfully, I was able to leave work a little early on Saturday and Sunday, but I was thrilled when I did not have to even think about work for the next 7 days.  We attempted to sleep late.  Because that is what you are supposed to do on vacation, we'll the babies haven't learned that yet.  7-7:30 was our usual get up time.  Not too early, but come was VACATION.  Jacob and I did take turns some mornings letting one another sleep a little later.  Lucy would take a morning nap and wake up when Bella went down for her 12-2 nap, then when Bella woke up Lucy was ready for another nap.  So it was kinda hard to get away from the camper for long because it felt like there was always a sleeping baby.  By the end of the week Lucy's sleep schedule was royally screwed up.  Both of them were skipping naps and staying up late.  Maybe we can get back on track.

Speaking of "getting back on track", I didn't count one single calorie on vacation and it felt so good to just enjoy!  And buddy, did I enjoy...I indulged! I think that's just fine if I do it ONLY on vacation!  Starting tomorrow morning, it's back on the straight and narrow.  I cannot mess up how far I have come!

We saw a lot more of little Lucy's personality come out during this trip.  She's showing her silly side. She'll crinkle that little nose up and give a huge grin.  She started waving a people and "pre-crawling" on her toes and elbows.  She giggles and gets excited when we tickle her.  It's ADORABLE.

Bella and Rylee played and had a ball!  It was really fun with them this year.  They both love the water and do great in it.

Now it's time for a few a ton of pictures:
Lindsay and Nick brought the bouncy house.  I love this "action" shot of Rylee!
One evening we gave the girls a campground bath.  Stark naked for the whole world to see these cute booties!  It sure beats trying to bathe them in a tiny camper shower with nothing but a shower wand that ends up getting me wet just as much as them!

                                                                       Bella LOVES her "princess jammies".
 Finally, I get to meet sweet baby Eli.  He was 3 weeks old.  I loved snuggling with him!  Bella LOVED visiting with him too!
Peyton (Brynn's niece), Brynn & baby Eli
 I got to lounge with my girls in the bed in the mornings watching cartoons.  It reminded me of maternity leave when we did what we wanted when we wanted.  No alarm clocks.  Only snuggles and cartoons in the mornings.
 There is a story about the one below:  Bella and Rylee kept wandering in the road, so I drew a line and told them not to cross.  Then it became a test...then a game of jumping over the line.  Either way, it kept them out of the road for a little bit.

 Mmmmm, cast iron cooking.  This is Papa's favorite way to cook.  We like it when he cooks like this too!

 Taste testing.
 The positively, very best BBQ sauce in the world...made by my daddy!
 I love this wrinkled little nose and grin!!!
 Oh, somebody is getting sleepy again!


Papa and Nana

 You would've thought a tragedy happened when Rylee scratched her foot on a pinecone.  A sucker couldn't even fix it this time!

During a quiet moment I snuck off to the water by myself to catch a little rays.  Ahhhh, relaxation!
Beautiful sunset before the fireworks!

 Lucy did not love her lifejacket.  Heck, if something was pushing my cheeks up like that, I wouldn't like it either.  BUT safety 1st!!

I told you it was a lot of pictures.  There's a few more, but I have GOT to go to bed.  4:45 will be here before I know it!  I'll share more later this week, I promise.

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Ryan ♥ Erica said...

Looks like y'all had such a great time! Your vacation pictures are adorable! You have the cutest family! I missed you at work this week! :) I'm sure I will see you this week sometime! Love you girl!

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