Monday, July 9, 2012

I wasn't quite done with the vacation details...

I warned y'all that I wasn't finished.  Last night it just got too late on me and I had to call it a night.  Here's the 2nd half of our vacation...
Bella and her buddy, Bryson out for a ride.
The guys throwing horseshoes.
Papa, one of our "master chefs"

Boat Ride!!

 Check out this sweet little Eli!!!  I was so excited to get my hands on him.  He was 3 weeks old in these pictures.  Brynn and Josh spent the week camping also.  We grew up doing this EVERY summer.  They also used to live less than a mile from the lake we were at.  They would ride on their boat every weekend.  To say they were homesick was an understatement.  I loved getting to see Brynn and Eli everyday. ( too, Josh!)
One thing that you don't do while you camp is put on lots of makeup and fix your hair.  I hate that I look so rough in my very 1st picture with Eli.  Oh well, he looks absolutely adorable.

 On their last evening, I talked Brynn into leaving him with me for a little bit while she went for some fun on the water.  While they rode their boat, I got some loving from him.  I was a little sad that he slept almost the whole time.

I guess Bella needed a rest.
Rylee was like, 'Get up girl, I'll take you for a ride'.
Lucy loves straws.  
This was the 10th year that Jacob and I watched the fireworks over Lake Martin.  It was a great show this year.  7 years ago, under these fireworks, he dropped to his knees and asked me to marry him.  Being on the water, under these fireworks, so close that I feel them boom in my chest...I'll always relive that moment of shock, happiness and excitement when he proposed to me.  It was such a perfect that I am thankful that I get to relive every July 4th.

Silly Rylee with her shorts on her head! 

Beautiful baby blues.
On our last full day, it rained.  Which is no fun when the next day was full of packing.  Who wants to pack wet, muddy, soggy crap back in the camper?!?  Thankfully pack-up-day ended up being dry for us.  But on this rainy day, we spent the morning inside munching and watching The Andy Griffith Show marathon.

Yesterday, when we got home I had lots of unloading, unpacking, and washing to do.  Jacob had lots of grass to cut.  Bella hung out with him for a while, so he got out the sprinkler to cool them off and then took Bella for a little ride.  

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