Saturday, December 8, 2012

A bittersweet good-bye.

After much thought and prayer, I will be leaving my a job that I have enjoyed for the past 6 years. St Vincent's is 'Where babies come from'.  It's where my babies were delivered. I will be walking away from some amazing friends. No more running up & down hospital hallways.  No more vaginal exams. No more witnessing the faces of brand new parents as they meet their new baby.  No more gift shop shopping. No more giving very 1st baths. No more babies showers/wedding showers/housewarming showers/let's-make-up-an-excuse-to-bring-yummy-food showers.  No more sweet cards from previous patients & pictures of their new little ones. No more Starbucks runs.  No more navy blue only scrubs.  No more bistro.  No more discussing with new parents, cremation or burial for their newly born angel already in heaven. No more emergency c-sections.  No more paying $4 to get out of the parking deck that I'm not supposed to be parking in. No more monthly staff meetings.  No more 6am commutes.  No more 2 hours each work day that I spend in the car.  No more 4:45am alarms.  No more spending weekends away from my family.  No more spending holidays stuck in a hospital.  No more getting home at 8:15pm each day that I work.  No more missing dinner time, bath time and bed time snuggles.

As much as I will miss the excitement and new moments of a newborn.  I will happily choose dinnertime, bedtime snuggles and every Christmas morning with my sweet family.  

I will be beginning a new chapter in my career.  I'll be working for my sweet and caring pediatrician, Dr Leslie Sawyer at Coosa Valley Pediatrics part-time and continue working flexi job at Coosa Valley L&D, (so I'll still a little action in every now & then).  I'll still be working full time hours between the 2 jobs.  I am very excited about my new job at the pediatric office!  I have already started working on all my off weekdays and I really like all my new co-workers.  I am learning new stuff daily.  I feel a little like I'm back in nursing school, I've bought a pediatric book and trying to brush up on the old stuff I've forgotten and new info.  This is all very new to me.  I know that this is a perfect opportunity for me at this point in my life and I hope that I can be a great asset to the pediatric office as well.  Ultimately the reason why I made the decision is to #1) spend all holidays and weekends with my family.  #2) to drop the long commute  #3) spend the evening time with my family.   Can you see my main focus???  

Oh, how hard it'll be to say good-bye to those sweet, creative, fun friends of mine.  My social life is a little lacking without seeing these sweet girls each week.  This is where I get most of my "friend time" in.  Even though I'll stay connected, I am not naive.  As with all phases in our lives, I know that we will drift~~~that really breaks my heart. But I trust that this is the very best path for me.  I know that the Lord allowed our paths to cross with my sweet friends at that moment in my life for a purpose and these sweet ladies will be cherished for their friendships and kindness that they've shown.  

Pray for me as I work out my notice and my last day is approaching.  It'll be a mighty bittersweet day.

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Jessica Gardino Edwards said...

Congrats on your new opportunity! I totally understand where you're coming from. If I had the chance to do that, I would do the same. I don't even have babies yet and after 2 years, I am already burnt out on the one-way hour commute and missing quality time with my family. It's a trade-off but one that I agree is worth it. Saying prayers for an easy transition for you!

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