Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Bella!

Dear Bella, 
You are a sweet little 3 year old angel!  This year you've learned so much!  You are sweet and beautiful with a demanding, whining side to you!  Either way, I love you with all my heart.  You LOVE your mama!  When we are home together, you want to be in the same room with me or in my lap.  On the days that I work at St.Vincents and don't get home until 8:15, daddy lets you stay up and wait for me.  We lay under your star light, read a bed time book, say our prayers, give BIG hugs and little hugs. Your favorite books right now are Someday, The Very Hungary Caterpillar, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Pretty soon, I'll be able to share every evening at home.  I'm excited about that!  I love you and your sister with everything that I am.  Whole-heartedly, unconditionally.  You love your sister too! It's precious to see the two of you playing and giggling together.  I know there will be a time when the two of you get on one another's nerves, but for now, you both light up when you see one another.  Which makes my heart melt.  I am trying so hard to savor these sweet, young days.  I know I can't stop time, but I try to purposefully breath in deep when I hold you tight, to tickle you just to see your beautiful smile and look your in the eyes to see them sparkle.  

Happy Birthday. I love you.

We celebrated Bella's 3rd birthday last weekend.  We had a Winter Wonderland birthday party.  Bella had lots of fun!
Nana is excited! 
Mimi with the Birthday Girl!
Rylee catching the bubbles
Lucy & MawMaw Crowe
The kiddos had fun painting snowflake ornaments.
Lucy did a little face painting.
 So........our family has this silly tradition when it comes to the birthday song.  We all sing LOUD, off key, crazy!  It's really funny.  It's "our version" of Happy Birthday.  But I think it scared Bella a bit...she will learn.
(Here's a glance at Bella's 2nd Birthday last year.)

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