Monday, December 3, 2012

another not so fun day

Y'all remember THIS not so fun day?  Well you ain't going to believe this.....

This morning I take Bella back to her asthma specialist for a recheck and had a fun shopping day planned for us.  We dropped off Lucy for a little mommy and Bella fun day.   We get almost to the doctor's appointment, when it happened...AGAIN...BELLA VOMITED IN MY CAR AGAIN!  But this time I didn't even stop.  I just pulled into Target's parking lot and knew the routine.  Clothes, lysol wipes, wash rags.  We did another quick sink bath in the Target bathroom, wiped out her car seat the best I could, called & explained the disgusting story of why we would be 45 minutes late to the appointment and went on our merry way.  You'd think this was her way of getting a cute new outfit. Lesson learned...carry a change of clothes and lysol wipes!

Doctor appointment went good.

Next, we went to Belk looking for some expensive shoes that my mama is going in with me buying me for Christmas. They didn't carry the brand I wanted.

Go to Express for the 1st time in YEARS.  I am more of a Kohls/Target/Old Navy/TJMaxx shopper.  But my friends were telling me that Express was having a "sale" on thier jeans for $50 and they gave me a "$20 off when you spend $50" coupon she wasn't planning on using.  So I thought this'll be a good time to buy a new pair of nicer jeans for $30.  I was excited about it!  My body has morphing over the past 3 years, I've lost weight...this will be great!  I fit into a decent size, it wasn't single digits, but I was happy with how they looked on.  I finally get the necklaces out of a tangle that Bella had managed to create while we were in the checkout line.  She rang me up, looked at my coupon and informed me that the jeans were on sale for $49.90.  I was 10 cents short of being able to use the coupon.  So on the search we go.  I found a really cute shirt on clearance for $11.99.  I was tickled at my whole new outfit I had accumulated.  I heard her tell the lady in front of me that her coupon had expired, I quickly checked mine, whew, mine was still good.  She rang me up...AGAIN.  Then told me "Oh, sorry your coupon has expired."  I said "Nope, it's good until December 2nd!"  She said, "ah yea, it's December 3rd".  I left the clothes sitting at the register, grabbed Bella's hand and walked out of the store.

Drive to ANOTHER Belk looking for my Christmas shoes (not like Christmas shoes in the sad Christmas song.  Just some shoes that I want for Christmas).  They don't have my size.

Do I even need to add how inconvenient it is to buckle and unbuckle a 2 year old out of a car seat multiple times?  It makes it a little better if the stops are successful, but when they aren' t good for nothing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hey, but don't worry, I scored big at the Dollar Tree when it came to buying supplies for Bella's 3rd Winter Wonderland Birthday Party Sunday.

There were about 4-5 other unsuccessful stops that I won't go in get the "fun day" picture.

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Unknown said...

Sorry you had such a crappy day! have you thought that Bella might be getting car sick? I started that at a very early age...and still have problems! Just a thought though.

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Oh no.. what a day girl. Blah... I hear you on the coupon thing - it is like come ON 1 day.

Lulu said...

Those days are such a let down! Glad you at least had luck at the Dollar Tree!

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