Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Basket 2012

Through Pinterest, I saw this 'wrap, open and read a christmas book every evening under the tree'.  I loved the idea and started collecting books.  I didn't come up with 25 to do the whole month of December.  My creative friend, Kacia is doing a christmas bucket with her family.  I've seen fall and Christmas bucket lists on Pinterest.  After seeing Kacia's list, I decided that it would be so much fun to start this tradition with our family.  I made up something fun & christmas-y to do each day.  Not necessary a gift each day, but something to do together to create fun memories.  I remember doing lots of these with my family and I don't want the season to pass by and "life" get in the way of doing fun family things together!  So I created this list to make sure we have something to get excited about and do together each day until Christmas Day!  The list is around our schedule.  December is already busy~I am currently working 3 jobs and we are celebrating Bella's 3rd birthday. So, some days are quickies...
  1. Saturday~Breakfast with Santa 
  2. Sunday~Write and mail wish lists to Santa
  3. Monday~Decorate the girls' mini Christmas tree
  4. Tuesday~Christmas Parade
  5. Wednesday~Christmas books
  6. Thursday~Spend the night with Mimi and Pops
  7. Friday~Christmas books
  8. Saturday~Spend the night with Nana and Papa
  9. Sunday~Bella's birthday party (outfits will be wrapped in the basket) 
  10. Monday~Christmas books
  11. Tuesday~paint a snowflake canvas
  12. Wednesday~make Christmas cookies
  13. Thursday~visit nursing home~give out cookies and Christmas joy
  14. Friday~Christmas book
  15. Saturday~Make cupcakes for Bella's (actual) birthday
  16. Sunday~Christmas books
  17. Monday~watch a christmas movie
  18. Tuesday~ride around looking at Christmas lights
  19. Wednesday~Christmas books
  20. Thursday~Christmas books
  21. Friday~Christmas at the Falls @ Noccalula Falls
  22. Saturday~make rice crispy treats...tree, angel, snowflake shaped
  23. Sunday~make a gingerbread house
  24. Monday~read the nativity story from the bible
I know some might think that I'm a little over the top...but I thrive on organization.  I plan to reuse the sparkly numbers, cookie cutters, books, movies, etc.

So far, I can't bring myself to spend $30 for the Elf on the Shelf.  Even though I would like to do it and think it'll be lots of fun.  Maybe next year.

There are other things that I'd like to do, but simply don't have time.  With Pinterest around, I've already come up with other fun stuff for the following years. I think the girls with love unwrapping a fun thing to do together each day.  I'm so excited!

Time to go reveal our #1 out of our Christmas Basket...Pictures to follow...

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