Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I blog...

I know some people have a stereotype about bloggers and how much time they spend on the computer instead of with their family and what's important.  I can't speak for all bloggers, but I have my reasons for posting and sharing with you all.  This blog is like a journal for me.  It's a way to remember these little moments in my life that I never want to forget.
Blogging, bill paying, internet surfing head-quarters
As far as when I blog, it's usually during nap time or bedtime.  Truth is, I get easily side tracked and even though I am often multitasking in this wonderful mommy/wife role, I couldn't get a thought typed and make sense with them awake and running around.  So, there is little guilt about me "blogging instead of spending time with them".   Part of me is doing this FOR them.  Comparing today to 10 years ago, the world is so computerized now.  So I imagine in the next 10 years, the internet/technology will be even more important in our lives.  I love hearing stories and looking at pictures from my childhood and my family.  I hope that our girls will enjoy reading of their quirkiness and what they liked doing at each stage of their life.  I even dream, what if THIER children, my grandchildren, read this blog.  I know that's a stretch, but again, I love hearing stories of my family's past, so maybe my children and grandchildren will find Amazing Love interesting.

I enjoy creating photo books.  I complete my children's baby books.  I blog... because I believe it's important to document memories, so they aren't forgotten moments.

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Darby said...

Whoever says you spend too much time blogging instead of with your family doesn't really know you. You are so hands on with your kids and they will cherish reading this blog when they are older. Wonderful memories!

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