Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

We celebrated Lindsay's 25th birthday with family, good food and hanging out in the pool!
Our tradition: fluffy white icing on a chocolate cake.  We always fight over who licks the bowl and spoon.

On the menu was sweet tea, chicken and steak kabob, pineapple, peppers and onion off the grill, corn, fresh okra, wild rice, green beans, twice baked sweet potatoes, rolls, rice crispy treats, chocolate cake and peach homemade ice-cream.

 Our crazy family has a silly tradition of singing the birthday song very loud, off key, squalling & squealing with a little opera freaked Bella out.

She loves cake, just like her mama!
Mamaw & Rylee reading a book.
Homemade ice cream with fresh peaches!! 
Lucy LOVED it!
and the bowl.
And I adore these girls!

Yes, we had our swim suits on...

these 2 love each other so much! 

Who knows?!?

Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate, Lindsay!  I had a great day!!!  You are an amazing sister, that I love so dearly!

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Ryan ♥ Erica said...

SO CUTE! :) I was laughing & said it looked like yall were naked in the pool! HA! then..I read your comment! Too funny! Looks like y'all had fun! Such a sweet family! :)

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