Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dora & Diego

Saturday we went to the McWane Center.  It's an interesting hands-on learning center for children.  Even though most of the things were geared for things a little more advance than a 2 year old, when we found out they were doing a Dora and Diego exhibit, we wanted to take her.  
 Thankfully Dora & Deigo were not real life.  The Chik-Fil-A cow was there.  She liked him as long as the cow was far away from her.  
 Lucy was as happy as can be watching her big sister and all the other children playing. 

 As soon as we got in the car, this little one passed out!  See that goose-egg on her forehead?  When she was trying to put the star in the hole at the very top, it fell on her head.  Over all, it was a little crowded for our liking, but since we went on a Saturday when school is out for summer, that's what we expected.  The girls had a good time which is what it was all about!

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Darby said...

OMG! Look at Bella posing with the leg y Diego! such a little diva :)

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