Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

I had a wonderful long weekend with my "little" family, as Bella refers to our immediate family.  Jacob and I were both off on Good Friday.  It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop us from having a wonderful day together.  We ate lunch at a new (to us) restaurant and introduced the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Of course they had a ball!  I love watching their faces light up in excitement over the simplest things in life.  

Saturday was more of a normal chores and lazy day.  The girls played in the playroom or watched cartoons on the screen porch.  Saturday night, some close friends invited us to an Easter Egg Hunt at their church.  We took the girls that evening and they found LOTS of eggs and got LOTS of candy!  
Easter morning, we beat the girls up.  I had just made my cup of coffee and was about to put the cinnamon rolls in the oven when I heard them squeal with excitement as they saw the Easter eggs and baskets full of goodies.
After church, we went to Jacob's grandparents.  We visited, ate and hunted eggs.  Mamaw Crowe got the girls some butterfly wings...they LOVED them.  The girls each got a kite from church.  It was their very 1st kite...I must admit, it was mine too.  The girls enjoyed holding it as their little kite caught wind.
 Then we came home.  It was too pretty to go inside, so we played outside until almost dark with their new Easter goodies.  I laid a blanket on the grass and enjoyed their precious smiles and laughter.  
All in all, a wonderful Easter Day!

My thoughts on Easter dresses...I haven't ever bought them a special dress for Easter.  They have several pretty dresses and I prefer them to have a comfortable dress they they can play in (they both LOVE to be in dresses).  It wasn't until I was typing this post that I realized that Bella wore the dress that Lucy is wearing on Easter Sunday 2 years ago....dang, mom fail.  Guess it's obvious that I really like it.  Hey, don't put it past me to see Bella's dress she's wearing today to make a return in 2 years on the Resurrection Day.

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