Saturday, April 12, 2014

stopping to remember

Even though my to-do list for this weekend is a mile long, I feel the urge to sit in this seat and document my morning with my sweet girls.  Because this is the moments I never want to forget.  Later I'll fold the clothes, change the sheets, swap winter closets for summer clothes, finish trimming the crape myrtles, clean bathrooms, unload the dishwasher just to reload it just as fast. But I don't want to forget this morning....

I slept late, getting up around 8.  Bella came down in her princess jammies and messy hair.  She brushed her teeth in my sink, making a toothpaste mess.  I went outside to tell Jacob bye as he left to go help his mama move furniture.  Bella wanted her pink fishing pole.  She went to the flower bed to pretend to fish, until she realized there was no fishing line.  It feels perfect outside.  We came back in opened all the blinds and windows.  I'm sure I'll regret it when I find pollen inside...but it feels so good to not open them.  Lovely Lucy comes downstairs with her blanket, pillow and Minnie Mouse in hand and an oversized t-shirt on that her daddy brought her home yesterday.  
Bella asked for "pannacakes".  I'm not much of a cooker AT ALL, but I do enjoy cooking breakfast on the weekends.  So I gladly obliged.  The girls love being helpers.  We decided to add blueberries, which led to blue food dye for the perfect mini-blue-blueberry-pannacakes.  
They wanted to eat outside on the screened porch.
I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee, blogging about my beauties, music playing, windows open, washing machine buzzer just went off...ahh...I suppose it's time to begin tackling that mile long to-do list.

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