Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy to be a Mama

I am so very thankful that I not only get to celebrate my mama on Mother's Day, but I got to be celebrated as well.  I had a wonderful Mother's day weekend!  

Friday evening we had Mexican with Nana & Papa.

Saturday, I ran 5.5 miles with my running buddy, did some chores and enjoyed a nice lunch at Jacob's grandparent's house.

Sunday, we went to church were I began crying in 0.2 seconds as the children brought out cards to all the mothers in the congregation and we had a heart-felt service.
Bella (4 yrs old) snapped this on the way home from church.
Jacob and I watched a movie while the girls took a nap.
Then we headed to Mimi & Pops for a fish fry & slip-n-slide!  

My sisters & I with our sweet, fun mama....celebrating her just one day seems so insignificant.  I am so very grateful for her EVERYDAY!

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