Friday, September 6, 2013

taking our girls to our hidden little fishing spot

There's a little spot.  It isn't ours.  But it's a part of our history.  A part of our love story.  

There's an old house near where Jacob lived as a teenager.  It's nestled hidden in the woods.  There's a little pond behind it.  There's a little aluminum boat with an old wooden paddle. The old house was usually vacant.  When we were teenagers Jacob would drive his 4-wheeler as I held onto the fishing poles as we went to the old house, we'd borrow the boat and paddle and enjoy hours out on that silent pond.  I loved it.  Just us.  

Years went by as we built a house & had babies & got busy with life, to be honest I never thought of that pond.  Then one day Bella saw a pink fishing pole and declared that she wanted to go fishing.  So her daddy had the idea to take her to our old fishing hole.  I was super excited and hoped it was still vacant, as we planned a day of trespassing and family fun on a stranger's aluminum boat and property.  Jacob took Bella to get her 1st "fishing poller" as she calls it.  
We found the old house still vacant and the aluminum boat upside-down near the pond.   
All 4 of us had so much fun.  It was awesome to look across the boat at the same man that I looked at all those years ago and the beautiful family that we created.  I thought of our time on the pond before and all the memories that had been created since then.  

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Holly said...

Oh my gosh. The girls fishing in their little life jackets is the cutest!

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