Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Sleeping Beauties GRAND OPENING

Today is the day.  I'm feeling a little gutsy and bold today.  I had a nice, long 6 mile run this morning with Kristin.  It was great because it was the 1st time I've ran over 3.5 miles since April of 2011.  Although my legs are tired now, I ran 11:40 min/mile for a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes, burning close to 1,000 calories!  Even more exciting...for the very 1st time ever, I ran with someone and actually kept up!  Remember me telling you that I am ALWAYS VERY LAST when I run with a group of people.  So the fact that I actually ran WITH someone, as in, stride-in-stride together was an extreme boost to my confidence and proving to me that I am improving.  Thanks Kristin for challenging me!  I needed it!!

Now, on to my exciting announcement.  I have been so inspired by other who have been successful in creating a small business for themselves.  I decided to take a try at it.  Since Jacob surprised me with a new sewing machine for christmas, I've been busy playing!

Lindsay Hayes has been very successful in selling her camera straps on Etsy.  I bought 2 for my sisters for christmas, they both love them.
Check her out

Meagan Robinson is another nurse who's creative!  I've ordered shirts for my girls and several baby gifts from her.

Lindsay Gray, another creative (nurse friend) just opened her shop a few days ago.

I have a friend who's son lost a leg in the war several years ago.  He has been very successful in selling prosthetic parts on ebay.

I've been inspired by those who have a full time job, family & use their creativity to generate a little extra income.  SO.....I'm taking a whirl at it.....

Check out MY NEW STORE, 
"The Sleeping Beauties">>>

I named it after our lovely Lucy who we call our sleeping beauty, because of how much she sleeps.  Maybe....hopefully....someday, I'll be successful at it and hope to use the money for summer vacations & Christmas gifts.  But if not, we'll never be able to go on another vacation ever again....PLEASE BUY SOMETHING, ANYTHING.  Haha, just kidding, if not, my girls will have lots of handmade things & I'll have lots of fun creating new little goodies.  

Here's a few samples of what I'm selling...
Personalized baby blanket with soft chenille back
Coordinating burp cloths

Adorable pink elephant pillow with white, cotton chenille

Cute multi-colored elephant with pale blue, cotton chenille

I think he is so cute!  Giraffe pillow with white, cotton chenille
Sweet baby blanket in my favorite fabric, a sweet aqua paisley, with a soft, pink chenille.  With a personalized letter in the bottom corner.

Handmade aqua chevron/white cotton chenille burp cloth

 Personalized aqua/cream baby blanket with a soft, pink chenille backing.

Coordinating personalized onsie with matching burp cloth.

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Meredith @ eatdrinkrunandbemommy said...

Yay! Cute shop :)

I started Etsy back in October and it has been awesome. I'm not retiring with it but I am making a little extra money for Christmas and Vacations.

I am going to go make your shop one of my favorites.

Darby said...

I'm so proud of you!!! Everything looks fabulous!

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