Sunday, January 27, 2013

My bestie's gift to me & allowing my mind to forget that I'm running

You'd think that my best friend living in Oklahoma would create distance in our relationship, but honestly it hasn't AT ALL!  For my birthday, I got a sweet card & 29 reasons why I was her best friend.  I loved each reason equally and it meant so much to me.  Some were so sweet & others had me laughing.
It's too awesome not to share some...
#2 You are beautiful! (Let's face it, everyone likes to have a pretty friend)
#4 I can tell you about some of our money issues and you don't look down on me (although Dave Ramsey hates us both)!
#6 I know that I can trust you 100% around my husband (can't say that about many people)
#7 I can text/call you and ask the most stupid/random questions and you always answer me. (and don't make me feel totally stupid) 
#11  You got Dr Bill to call in Phenergan and Zofran for me in Oklahoma
#14  You gave me the most awesome baby shower!
#16  You force me to do things that I would never dream I would be able to do (8K, 1/2 marathon)
#17  You were my double date to Jr & Sr Prom.
#23 You pin great things on Pinterest.  Ha.  lol.
#26 You love the lake/Wind Creek as much as I do.
#27  You can make a bigger mess trying to "organize" something that you had in the first place. (just like me)
#28  You love to make lists and color coded charts for everything.   

I love you too, Brynn!!

This is a topic that Brynn & I discuss regularly...

I'd REALLY like to get this body ready to just try on swim suits, much less walk around in one.  I've been running more lately, watching closely what I eat and avoiding much junk food.  I can tell you many things that I hate about running, but there's one thing that I enjoy.  After the 1st mile, when my breathing is right and my legs adjust to the work, my mind wonders.  It wonders to another time, another life.  Daydreaming.  If I look up, towards the clouds and just allow my mind to go anywhere but where I am, I forget that I'm even running for a few moments.  

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