Friday, October 10, 2014

Brody's BIRTHday!

mama & Lindsay
There's LOTS of love in this picture...Daddy, Mama, my sisters, niece & brother-in-law, just minutes before we meet baby Brody.
Rylee entertaining us, snapping pics
On October 9, 2014, I was totally honored and humbled as I witness the birth of my nephew.  My sister's 2nd baby, Brody was born at 9:04am.  I was also honored to be present during her 1st born, Rylee's birth.  It just tickled me down to my soul to see these angels be born.  Brody's BIRTHday was full of unexpected surprises.  After being induced all night, Brody flipped, coming out feet 1st...that was the cause of her c/s, but in hindsight it was nothing but God intervening...He always knows best.  There were some things that were discovered that could've caused major complications....however Lindsay delivered a healthy baby boy at 9:04am.  His weight and length was exactly the same as his big sister!!! 
7 pounds 15 ounces and 21.5 inches long.
Lindsay took great care of my Lindsay.  She is just one of the precious friends that I miss seeing!
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I love our family and I love that it is growing and expanding.  Yes the noise & chaos is also expanding...but so is my heart and all the love that's woven our family together makes this life so much more enjoyable! I see our children creating relationships that they will always cherish.  As close and I am with my sisters, we are together as often as our busy life allows us to be.  Which means our children are always together as well.  Right now our girls can't help but be best friends.  And we love it that way!  I know this sweet little boy will just fall right in with them.  
Welcome to this crazy world, little man.  
We will hold you close to our family and love you forever & ever!

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