Friday, May 23, 2014

What's going on in that beautiful mind

I wonder what they are thinking, how they imagine life is.  Figuring all this big ol' world out.  I love hearing their rationals about situations.  

One day we were playing around and Jacob picked me up...Bella was amazed.  Little does she know he lifts much heavier weights than me at the gym each week.  
But in her eyes, her daddy is SO STRONG and can DO AND FIX ANYTHING.
 This summer, 2 year old Lucy is so proud of her BRAVERY.  She wants me to "look mommy, watch me!!"  
She is cautions, but able.  
She has recently loved to slide down the slide and swing high and walk on the talk bridge at the playground. 

 Oh, the joy.  My lovely Lucy Lee.  When I see this smile and her crazy hair, when I hear that genuine giggle...I am reminded of true, unconditional love.  I would do whatever it takes, sacrifice everything I have for that smile, her crazy hair and that genuine giggle.  For I love her so.
 And this beauty right here:
 I look at those little feet and I wonder where the Lord will lead her?  In her 4 little years, I have been able to shield her from things that might break her spirit or stop her from smiling.  I protect her heart, her innocence.  My heart breaks a little when I remember that I will not always be able to shield the evil.  But for now I will beg God to help me figure out how to teach her that there is so much more beauty in this world, we just must find it on those difficult days.  That we must be content and grateful.  And for now, I will continue to adore those bare feet, her perfect smile, those little piggy tails in her hair that she requested...and I will swing her as high as she wants to go.
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light upon my path
~Psalm 119:105

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