Thursday, January 30, 2014


This was a text from my mama on the morning of my birthday:

Last year on my birthday I jokingly told Jacob to throw me a surprise 30th birthday party.  But I knew  I was way too nosey for him to get away with it.  Fast forward to this year....

I noticed him being secretively texting earlier in the week and thought some thing might be up.

My birthday fell on a Saturday.  Jacob and I usually go out to dinner on my birthday.   We had decided to try a restaurant that we had never been to, but heard great things about it.  We took the girls to my parents around 5 & headed to Joe's Italian.  I was a little suspicious that a few close friends were there waiting on us...but when we got there I realized it would be just the 2 of us.  During our 30 minute wait, I saw Jacob texting my sister, who I thought was at work.  Dinner was delicious!
We were stuffed and headed home.  Jacob kept asking me was I disappointed that we didn't do some thing more for my big 3-0.  He was yawning, talking about how tired he was.  On the way home I noticed on Instagram where a couple friends were all dressed up going out,  I wondered what they were up to.  As we got closer to home, I figured the possibilities of going to a surprise get-together was getting slim. 

 Meanwhile at my house this was happening...
As soon as we left to go to dinner~my parents, sisters and close friends came to our house to clean & decorate.  When we got home about 40 of our closest friends and family were there to celebrate my big Dirty Thirty!!!   I had so much fun!  We partied late into the night with great friends!
  The next day I went to mama & daddy's house for lunch and my favorite cake.
Truth be told, 30s might be the best years yet!

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They ARE the best

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