Friday, January 31, 2014

Our story of the "Dusting" of 2014

Come on, it's been a pretty COLD winter for us Alabamians.  A month ago we saw a few days of single digits.  Tuesday morning started like any other cold day.  My plan on my lunch break was to go pick up Jacob's work coat from the dry cleaners {that's right, he didn't wear a jacket, only his undershirt and a thin button up shirt.....well and underwear, pants, sock and dress shoes, ANYWAYS...}.  I knew there was a possibility of snow, but never thought it would be as bad as it was.  I work in a pediatric clinic now & we had a booked day. At 8:00 when I got there -not the 1st sign of snow.
We realized that we need to close afternoon clinic and get our patients and us off the roads and get home quick.
Finally everyone in our clinic was gone.  MM lives an hour away and her car and the dangerous roads were no safe place, so I told her to just come home with me.  I kept getting word that the roads to get my girls were closed.  Thankfully my parents live in the same neighborhood as the home daycare they attend, so my daddy went to get them.  At 11:45 I started my 5 mile journey home.  An hour later I parked on the side of the road and walked a little ways through the woods to my house.  Due to icy hills that's as close as we could get.  It wasn't bad.  My poor husband was stuck in Birmingham.  In his work car, dress clothes with no jacket and a dying phone battery.  I was worried about him.  Thankfully he stopped at a gas station and got a charger.  I would check on him and his response was "I've got this, I watch Ice Road Truckers!"  and "Don't worry, I got my CDLs".  He was totally confident,  which did make me feel a little better.  But looking at the icy roads and crashed vehicles on the news made me so nervous.  MM and I tried to make the best of the situation, we played in the snow, using a pizza pan to slide down the snowy hill.  We couldn't make a was pure powdery snow.  Really a beautiful sight.  I felt bad for her, this was her 1st night away from her baby girl.

 Meanwhile, I was getting texts like this, to know that our girls were safe and having a blast together with Mimi & Pops!
After it got dark and Jacob still wasn't close to home, I was getting more antsy about him driving on the dark, icy, winding roads.  So I did what any caring wife would do... I cooked.  With MM's help, we made Italian crusted chicken breasts, hamburger steaks and gravy, wild rice, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, and julianne potatoes.  Finally~over 8 hours after him leaving work~Jacob safely made it home.  I was so relieved & happy.  Then...we all feasted.  Then he went and got my car.  I tried telling him that it could wait until morning...nah, he likes the snowy/icy challenges!  

The next morning, even though the roads weren't much better, we got Jacob's truck to take MM home!  She was missing her family so much, as I would have been.  We met her father-in-law half way.  Roads were still way to slick for most heavy 18 wheelers to make it up hills.  We saw cars who slid off the banks.  Those trucks in front of us were sliding trying to make it up the icy hill.  SCARY!
After riding around a bit, we got our girls and went home!  The next day daddy went to work late and the girls and I enjoyed the last of the melting snow.  Whew.  This snow storm was rough for a lot of people, but I'm so thankful to have been with my family and that everyone I know is well and accounted for!
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