Sunday, February 17, 2013

Running buddies

I've been running regularly, but not frequently.  The past 4 weekends, I've ran 5.5-6 miles.  There have been some 3 milers & home-workouts during the week.  I did a couple of weekend runs with Kristin that I really enjoyed.  Her running spot is pretty flat {that's always a bonus}.  Her blog about her running journey is pretty inspiring!  My other running buddies are a group of friends that I'm doing the Mercedes Marathon with today. We usually run VERY close to where I live and a really pretty place, but has a few tough hills! We have this ongoing 11-person group Facebook messaging.  That keeps me laughing throughout my day.

Today will be by-far the most crowded run I've ever participated in.  We are doing a 5-person relay to complete the (26.2-mile) marathon. Our team is the "Breathless Bandits".  I'm the 3rd runner & will run 6 miles.  Our friends consist of 3 relay teams, "The Pink Spankies" and the guys are "The Tightie Whities".  I have a couple of friends running the half. I'm actually very excited about the day and think I'll have lots of fun with the large group of my friends.

Another upcoming run is The Dirty Girl Run.  It's in 3 weeks.  It's my 1st "dirty" run.  I've played in the mud plenty back in our 4-wheel riding days, but it's been a while. It's a 5K Run and obstacle course.  It isn't a timed event.  You just do it with your friends.  I think it'll be a blast.  I just hope it isn't freezing that morning.  You know early March in the south is nothing but a roll of dice.  Remember the blizzard of '93? Yep, that was early March too!

Anyway, I'm loving my fitness friends.  They are fun & silly...but encourage me to go running, when I really don't feel like it and I end up having fun with them.

I'm happy with my weight.  Everyone knows that saying that is like saying 'I'm rich'.  You never really think you will be where you want to be.  Now, I didn't say that I'm completely happy with the way I look, I've got A LOT of toning to do, but if the scales stay the same I'm ok with that.  I have curves and to be honest, I don't want to lose all of those curves.  Skin & bones are not sexy!  Plus, I love carbs WAY too much to be skin & bones!

Wish us all luck!  Today will be COLD, crowded, tiring...but full of fun!

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